There've been a coupla contests here at Hotel Grim... The latest was to see who could draw the best interpretation of Hotel Grim itself. If you don't agree with the winner, don't blame me, I used an anonymous panel of other webtoonists (none of whom entered) so that any personal bias was removed from the decision. The prize was to win a free Gris-Gris doll amongst other things. Below are the entries in no particular order.
It's surprising and cool to see a cameo of one of my characters floating around in another strip. Some may seem questionable, but they've all bee confirmed by the artists responsible. These are the ones that I've found so far, if you know of more, send me some Hatemail and I'll add it to the list.
The beautiful and talented Kendra Marsh of The Polygon Reports gifted me with this set of banners to celebrate the 100th strip of Hotel Grim! Weeeeee! The crappy one at the end is the original one that I made so don't blame her. Since she took the time to make them, don't you think you should use them to show her your appreciation? ;D

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