Dods Calavera is the everyman; If you consider a Mexican Day of the Dead Skeleton who happens to be concierge of Purgatory to be an everyman. I do. So he is. Without Dods around to man the front desk, the bureaucracy of the afterlife would crumble to dust and everyone would be left high and dry without someone to stock the bar or manufacture social activities for all eternity.
Gris-Gris knows the secret to life, but he's not telling. Rather than simply moping about and constantly explaining that life is pain, he has the rare joy and ability to demonstrate it with a few carefully placed pins.
The Pirate is lonely. So very lonely. He's not so much gay as he is an opportunist, and since his time of reflection doesn't include women, he simply reverts back to old habits. He was in the Navy after all. And yes, he has a name. It just seems as though no one has gotten around to asking him for it yet.
Monkey is monkey. What more do you want from him? He's a monkey for Christ's sake. You want more? FINE. He's the Bellhop. Are you happy now?
Krisko Slather, the man with many chins has been eating his way through Purgatory's larders as far back as anyone can remember. With the help of his midget houseboy Felipé he can now while away eternity in a sea of gluttony.
Señor Uno, the greatest Luchadore of all time spends his days hating everyone and waiting for opportunities to hit them. He is mighty! And wears no pants.
Dr. Placebo is without a doubt the worst Witch Doctor in the history of the afterlife. Had Dante considered that the dead might need medical treatment, the good Doctor would most likely have been found in the Inferno.
KokoMonoLono is a god. He thinks he is mighty. He is not.
Seamonkey is a pathetic excuse for a supporting character, as is the Bog-Monster from the Black Lagoon. As usual, the water characters have Aquaman-syndrome… nobody likes them and they are useless in a fight.
Bunny… man, it's icky.
The Druid Horde needs to take some Lithium or something… Jeez'm Crow, a happier group of dead freaks from an even deader religion you'll never find. And eventually, they'll figure out that a "horde" typically has more than three members in it. Though, they do seem interchangeable so it's more like one.
Mr Mysterioso lurks in the shadows. The shadows of a place that casts no shadows. He is Mysterious. OooooOOo…

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