First up for the contest was this entry from Simon Osborne. He felt that it might need a bit explaining, so here goes:
"OK, breakdown.
1. Its ziggurut shaped coz Purgatory is supposed to be a mountain.
2. The 'masonry' is so chaotic coz purgatorys quite a chaotic place. Plus i like my 'lineart' skills. Its much practiced in physics lectures.
3. The front door is supposed to be covered in coffin liner. So the crosses are the 3D effects of where its pinned back. Yeah, 3D effects. Woo.
4.The window's there to take up space, and allow me to put Dodd's in the picture. I lkie his hand.
5. The screaming faces are actually supposed to be alive and screaming, but the pictures not animated.
6.The gargoyle out the front came out shit. I love the face, but can't draw the body. I was supposed to hide the body with the wings, but I fucked that up.
7. As Purgatory is a gate to Heaven, I had to acknowlege that somehow, hence the thing at the top with the light and the angels.The angels came out really bad coz I didn't leave enough room for them at the top of the page.
8. Likewise the back shed is a tunnel to Hell. I took the sign from Dante's Inferno.
9.The graves in the front are there to give it a grim perspective, along with the gargoyle. I figure new souls may as well see what theyre getting in to. There was supposed to be a dead tree on the left side, but I just couldn't draw it so I gave up.
10. The squiggly things in the corners are just there to take up space. Like I said, I like lineart.
11. The blue background is due to the fact that we only have blue paper. I mean, its supposed to be blue as in saddness, yeah, thats it."

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